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    “The film explores what without exception all of us, performers, have experienced and known well – first, love for our craft and stage, and then performance anxiety at the other end of this beautiful and exciting spectrum. Congratulations to the director John Beder and his team for completing this project and for inviting all of us to a meaningful and necessary conversation.”
    Christoph Eschenbach
    Music Director
    National Symphony Orchestra

    “Composed offers a profoundly moving and honest exploration of some very familiar personal struggles, emotional limitations, and coping mechanisms told by classical musicians at various points of their careers. This film makes me feel that we are no longer left alone against our doubts, as I realize how many of these non-musical challenges we all have in common”
    Eugene Izotov
    Principal Oboe
    San Francisco Symphony


    “Composed provided an exceptional platform, for all in attendance, to engage in discussions on many crucial topics that will have a direct impact on quality of life issues as time progresses. Dealing with stress, ability to focus, substance abuse, setting priorities, time management, interpersonal relationships, professional development, and the realistic pursuit of excellence are all issues that we should be thinking about as we seek to provide transformational experiences for our students. It’s not about being perfect, rather it’s about being an empathetic, well-rounded human being contributing to the greater good through our collective passion for music. Composed goes a long way toward helping us get our priorities in order and in getting us to talk about the right things in the right way.”
    Gary Mortenson
    Dean, School of Music
    Baylor University

    “On behalf of Local 161-710 Washington DC Federation of Musicians I wanted to express our profound and sincere appreciation for the showing of your wonderful film “Composed”, and the generous gift of your time! You have truly done a wonderful service for performing musicians everywhere in addressing the complex issues related to performance anxiety in a way that is authentic and compelling, manifested through the testimony of professional musicians who have faced these  challenges. It is truly an important piece that deserves a place within the curriculum of music schools and conservatories everywhere for the way in which it demystifies the audition/performance process and brings this issue out from behind the screen.”
    Ed Malaga
    DC Federation of Musicians, AFM Local 161-710


    “This well-crafted film raises important questions and offers paths to solutions. We screened COMPOSED at Harvard to a varied audience that included musicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, neuroscientists, and educators, many of whom wear more than one of those hats. We all came away with a new perspective, not only of performance anxiety, but about pedagogical practice, life skills and resilience, that I’m sure will resonate with them for a long time to come.”
    Lisa Wong
    Arts and Humanities Initiative at Harvard Medical School

    “In a uniquely caring way, COMPOSED opens up an all-too-important conversation about performance anxiety management among musicians through a range of powerful interviews with leading professionals. The documentary’s strength lies in its ability to deeply uncover and contextualize multiple issues that lead to performance anxiety, while remaining focused on the passion and motivations of artists. This is a must-see for any emerging or seasoned artist in the world of classical music.”  
    Alain Barker
    Director, Office of Entrepreneurship and Career Development
    Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University


    “Like no film before it, Composed illuminates the attractions and challenges of music making. Its portrayal of musicians overcoming performance anxiety opens doors for all performers to surmount obstacles and rise to their potential.” 
    Gerald Klickstein
    Author of The Musician’s Way

    Composed reveals so much that I wish I’d known growing up as a performer: how the very best get nervous and find various ways to excel nonetheless. We need to be having these conversations out in the open, and Composed starts the process.
    Nathan Cole
    First Associate Concertmaster
    Los Angeles Philharmonic


    Composed lifts the lid on an issue that permeates our Conservatoires but all too often remains invisible and unspoken. Through interviews with musicians at all stages in their careers the film unpacks the challenges posed by performance anxiety in an approachable and meaningful way that will resonate with any musician. Screening ‘Composed’ at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland was an ideal catalyst to stimulate important critical discussion and debate on this topic amongst our students at all levels of their musical training.
    Diana Salazar
    Acting Head of BMus and CCS
    Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

    What a pleasure it was to watch this frank account of the anxieties that high performing classical musicians face in their work. ‘Composed’ is a must see for young musicians embarking on this career, to show that they are not alone in experiencing performance anxiety, and that it can be overcome.”

    Deborah Kelleher
    Royal Irish Academy of Music


    “To watch as musicians with whom I have played, studied, and whom I have idolized appear on the screen and speak about the same struggle that I have begun working to overcome was incredibly affirming. Composed shows musicians like me, who, at times, have felt alone in their struggle with performance anxiety that there are countless others walking the same path. The film opens up the conversation about strategies for breaking down barriers that prevent us from performing our best, and serves as a valuable resource for students and professionals alike.”
    Music Student
    Colburn Conservatory of Music

    “Composed is a great film for musicians and non-musicians alike to study the causes, symptoms, treatments for a problem that is rarely mentioned but experienced by all: performance anxiety. The film incorporates testimonials from professional musicians, psychologists, and leaders in the field of performance science in a way that is not only beneficial to musicians, but people of all disciplines. I am so glad that this topic is being actively addressed in venues worldwide, all thanks to Composed!”
    Music Student
    Lawrence University Conservatory of Music


    “This documentary gets a major issue within our field out into the open in a very honest and encouraging way. The students at Curtis, and at all music schools, should engage in a dialogue around this film so that they can better prepare themselves for life as a performing artist.”
    Mary Javian
    Director of Professional Development
    Curtis Institute of Music

    “This is an incredibly important film and a must-see for students aiming for an orchestral career. Ideally, this film will serve as a vital conversation-starter around issues of not only performance anxiety, but the culture surrounding auditions.”
    Christopher Jenkins
    Associate Dean for Student Affairs
    Oberlin Conservatory of Music

    “We were thrilled to have been able to host COMPOSED at the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance to a nearly-packed venue. The film was expertly designed covering a wide range of topics around performance anxiety with sensitivity and curiosity. The subjective experience of musicians with performance anxiety was balanced by expert analyses by medical professionals creating a well-balanced presentation. As with any thought-provoking film, the Q&A that followed was exciting and informative. I highly recommend this film to anyone who deals with performing anxiety. I commend the director for shining a spotlight into this very important topic for musicians.”

    Paola Savvidou
    Wellness Coordinator
    University of Michigan School of Music, Theater, & Dance
    “The issue of performance anxiety is a real one, and Composed was a fantastic vehicle for it. John brought his film to our campus at Stephen F. Austin State University, where it was shown to an audience of faculty and students. The film itself was of the highest quality, and it was evident throughout that John is a gifted filmmaker with an attention to detail, and a subject that needs more exploration. As viewers, we were drawn in, informed, concerned and entertained, and important discussion ensued afterward, thanks to John’s important work. Everyone who came was thrilled to have gotten to be a part of the experience, and I would unequivocally recommend a viewing to every music school.”
    Gary T. Wurtz
    Director, School of Music
    Stephen F. Austin State University


    “Composed captured so many of the experiences I have been through in my musical career.  It was comforting to realize one is not alone in this journey and to see the different paths available to change the way one responds to performance anxiety!  There is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Thank you John!”
    Vanessa Mulvey
    Body Mapping Specialist
    New England Conservatory

    Performing artists know both the glories and the hazards of their vocation, but the challenges (be they physical, emotional, or psychological) are often confronted in loneliness and isolation. Composedwill be a clear-eyed and multifaceted look into a broad issue affecting everyone in our field.”
    Brant Taylor
    Chicago Symphony


    “The film ‘Composed’ addresses the topic of performance anxiety in a comprehensive and approachable way. The story-telling and personal narratives woven throughout the film showcase how this topic impacts nearly every musician, as well as suggests a variety of individual and different strategies to help overcome the issue. Most importantly, this film begins a public conversation around a topic that has too often been buried from artistic practice. This film should be required viewing at every music school!”
    Rachel Roberts
    Director of Entrepreneurial Musicianship
    New England Conservatory

    “Composed is an incredible gift to the world of performers! The wealth of information and opinions that John Beder has gathered will help all of us who feel performance anxiety while trying to play our best. I can’t wait to watch it and share it with my students!”
    Jennifer Montone
    Principal Horn
    Philadelphia Orchestra


    “A truly unique film that shines a light on the ongoing struggles of performance anxiety.  It was so good for the NWS Fellows to see their teachers, mentors, and coaches experiencing similar emotions and nerves that they are experiencing, and how they cope with and try to overcome them.”
    JT Kane
    New World Symphony

    “To realize we aren’t alone in our struggles, that our peers and mentors have all faced similar fears and anxieties and persevered, gives us hope. Every aspiring musician should be able to hear these stories and feel the community of artists supporting them.”
    Eric Kavcic
    Flute Faculty
    Wilfrid Laurier University

    “Everyone who entered the hall to attend the screening – whether seasoned performers, students or arts managers – left as a different person.”
    Andrew Bennett
    Executive Director
    Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony
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