Pictured Above: Post screening Q&A panels at Harvard University, Oberlin College, USC, and The Colburn School

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    Aug. 2nd @ TBA
    Portland, OR
    ROPA Conference (Public)

    Jun. 13th @ 7:30p
    Frederickton, NB

    Mar. 5th @ 6p
    Valencia, CA

    Feb. 25th @ 4p
    Amherst, MA
    UMass Amherst (Public)

    Jan.11th @ 11:30a
    San Antonio, TX


    Nov. 15th @ TBA
    Nashville, TN

    Nov. 14th @ TBA
    Columbus, OH

    Nov. 8th @ 7:30pm
    Montreal, QC

    Nov. 7th @ 7pm
    Rochester, NY

    Nov. 6th @ 5p
    Buffalo, NY

    Nov. 5th @ 2:30pm
    Toronto, ON

    Nov. 3rd @ TBA
    Chicago, IL

    Nov. 1st @ TBA
    Northfield, MN
    St. Olaf College (Private)

    Oct. 31st @ 4:30pm
    Evanston, IL

    Oct. 30th @ 6:30pm
    Chicago, IL

    Oct. 27th @ 1pm
    Flint, MI

    Oct. 25th @ 7:30pm
    Interlochen, MI

    Oct. 21th @ 4pm
    Cologne, Germany

    Oct. 20th @ 4pm
    Detmold, Germany

    Oct. 18th @ 5:15pm
    Munich, Germany

    Oct. 13th @ TBA
    Liverpool, UK

    Oct. 11th @ 6pm
    Birmingham, UK

    Sep. 21st @ TBA
    Auckland, NZ

    Sep. 20th @ 7:30pm
    Annville, PA

    Sep. 18th @ TBA
    Hobart, Australia

    Sep. 15th @ 7pm
    Melbourne, Australia

    Sep. 14th @ TBA
    Melbourne, Australia

    Sep.13th @ 10am
    Adelaide, Australia

    Sep.11th @ 4pm
    Adelaide, Australia

    Sep.11th @ 12:15pm
    Adelaide, Australia

    Sep. 8th @ 3pm
    Sydney, Australia

    Sep. 5th @ 6:30p
    Honolulu, HI
    Punahou School (Public)

    Aug. 23rd @ 8:30p
    Buffalo, NY

    Aug. 15th @ TBA
    Gatineau, QC

    Jul. 30th @ 7p
    Birmingham, UK

    Jul. 17th @ TBA
    Interlochen, MI

    Jul. 16th @ 8:30p
    Lenox, MA

    Jul. 4th @ 8:30pm
    Round Top, TX

    Jul. 3rd @ 4pm
    Brevard, NC

    Jul. 2nd @ 7pm
    Greensboro, NC

    Jun. 22nd @ TBA
    Langhorne, PA

    Jun. 14th @ 6:30pm
    Taos, NM

    Jun. 7th @ 1pm
    Anchorage, AK

    May 13th @ 7pm
    Montreal, QC

    May 2nd @ 7pm
    London, UK
    1901 Arts Club (Tickets)

    Apr. 27th @ TBA
    Cheney, WA

    Apr. 27th @ 4:30pm
    Bristol, UK

    Apr. 24th @ 7pm
    Silver Spring, MD
    Levine Music (Public)

    Apr. 18th @ 6:30pm
    Glasgow, UK

    Apr. 14th @ 7p
    Limerick, Ireland

    Apr. 13th @ 6p
    Dublin, Ireland

    Apr. 2nd @ 7:30pm
    Berea, OH

    Mar. 24th @ 7pm
    Miami, FL

    Mar. 23rd @ 11am
    Boca Raton, FL
    Lynn University (Private)

    Mar. 17th @ 4pm
    Cullowhee, NC

    Mar. 17th @ 3:30pm
    Wilmington, NC

    Mar. 16th @ 6:30pm
    Charlotte, NC

    Mar. 15th @ 3:30pm
    Baltimore, MD

    Mar. 5th @ 7pm
    Norfolk, VA

    Feb. 26th @ 7pm
    San Diego, CA

    Feb. 24th @ 7:30pm
    Orange County, CA

    Feb. 20th @ 7:30pm
    Dallas, TX

    Feb. 16th @ 7:30pm
    Nacogdoches, TX

    Feb. 15th @ 7pm
    Waco, TX

    Feb. 13th @ 7pm
    Seguin, TX

    Feb. 8th @ 2:10pm
    Houston, TX

    Feb. 3rd @ 2pm
    McAllen, TX

    Feb. 1st @ TBA
    Washington, DC

    Jan. 28th @ 5pm
    San Francisco, CA

    Jan. 24th @ 7pm
    Los Angeles, CA

    Jan. 22nd @ 7pm
    San Diego, CA

    Jan. 20th @ 5pm
    Los Angeles, CA

    Jan 8th @ 1pm
    St. Paul, MN
    SPCPA (Public)

    Jan. 7th @ 7pm
    Hastings, MN

    Jan. 6th @ 7pm
    Minneapolis, MN

    Jan. 5th @ 8pm
    Appleton, WI


    Dec. 7th @ 6:30
    Boston, MA

    Dec. 6th @ 6pm
    Cambridge, MA

    Dec. 4th @ 3pm
    Williamstown, MA

    Dec. 2nd @ 7:30pm
    Ann Arbor, MI

    Dec. 1st @ 7pm
    Waterloo, ON

    Nov. 30th @ 8pm
    Oberlin, OH

    Nov. 4th @ 12pm
    Louisville, KY

    Nov. 3rd @ 7pm
    Bloomington, IN

    Nov. 3rd @ 1pm
    Indianapolis, IN

    Nov. 2nd @ 3:45pm
    St. Louis, MO

    Oct. 25th @ 7pm
    Arlington, VA

    Oct. 22nd @ 5pm
    Philadelphia, PA

    Oct. 11th @ 6:30p
    Boston, MA


  • **If you previously contacted us through a form on our site there may have been a filter applied to incoming requests. Our sincere apologies, please resubmit any requests using the email address below**

    Contact info@bedrocklab.com for more information about screenings