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    Here at Composed we believe addressing performance anxiety should be made as easy as possible. Below you will find members of our cast and friends who are already helping so many performers navigate the challenges of the stage. Whether or not you’re a classical musician these resources may help you address the fears and anxiety we all encounter.

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  • Books

    The Musician's Way

    By Gerald Klickstein

    Beyond Talent

    By Angela Beeching

    The Inner Game of Music

    By Barry Green


    By Don Greene


    By Julie Jaffee Nagel

    Effortless Mastery

    By Kenny Werner

  • Performance Anxiety Strategies

    By McGrath, Hendricks, & Smith

    The War of Art

    By Steven Pressfield

    The Psychology of Music Performance Anxiety

    By Dianna Kenny

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  • More Links 

    ISM Performance Anxiety: A Practical Guide for Music Teachers

    The Bullet Proof Musician by Dr. Noa Kageyama 

    Musicians Health Collective Blog by Kayleigh Miller 

    The Inner Game of Music from author Barry Green  

    Melodies of the Mind from author Julie Jaffee Nagel Ph.D 

    Mind Training by Mike Cunningham 

    Center for Performance Science from Professor Aaron Williamon and the Royal College of Music, UK

    Shape Your Mind from Alison Gordon 

    Beyond Stage Fright by Charlotte Tomlinson 

    The Breathing Bow from Ruth Phillips 

    The Auditionhacker Blog by Rob Knopper 

    Books and Information by Dr. Don Greene 

    Fearless Performance from Jeff Nelsen 

    The Musician’s Way from author Gerald Klickstein 

    Music Support UK helpline for UK Music Industry

    Master Performing from Lisa Chisholm

    Beyond Talent from author Angela Beeching

    Resonance Training from Maria Busqué

    Performance Coaching by Paul Crick

    The Wholehearted Musician from Dana Fonteneau

    Whole Heart Wisdom from Carrie Shafer

    Australian Society For Performing Arts Healthcare