• John Beder

    John Beder

    Director / Producer

    John Beder is a filmmaker and percussionist. In 2008 he graduated Boston University with a degree in music performance during which he discovered a passion for filmmaking. During his studies in Boston John himself was left feeling isolated as a musician struggling with performance anxiety. His passion for this project comes from first hand experience and the desire to create dialogue around this common issue musicians experience but rarely discuss. 'Composed' is John's debut film and worked in IT before pursuing this project.

  • Katie DeRoche

    Katie DeRoche

    Associate Producer / Editor

    Based in Canada, Katie DeRoche is a multitalented musician and film editor. New to filmmaking Katie jumped on board during post-production to help find and collect the stories you see and hear in the film. Self-taught, Katie is still finding new ways to tell stories while bringing Composed to musicians everywhere.

  • Original Music By

    James Newberry

    Motion Graphics By

    Jordan Harrison

    Color Correction By

    Craig Harris

    Sound Editing / Mixing By

    Joe Milner



    Production Team

    Luke Alie

    Katie Weissman

    Delia-Michaela Chelaru

    Michael Raimo